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Maximillion Temeraire V or ‘Max’.

‘A breed apart’

Owner of Paw Print Logistics (PPL), ‘Max’ has built up a business transporting biscuits (and other goods) throughout the known universe. From the Coro system to the borders of Extero, there isn’t a drop he hasn’t successfully completed. He purposefully avoids the Perdio system but then again, everybody with an ounce of sense does. Of late though, Max feels like life is getting a little bit samey. Little does he know that this is all about to change. Be careful what you wish for…


Schrodinger Characters page image


‘Evolved to purrfection’

A cat, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the ship’s computer. Cats have evolved over the years (obviously quite a few years, just to get the genetics right) and their evolution leapfrogged them way ahead of just about anything else. They became AI’s, seeing it as a logical extension of their capabilities and sensibilities.

This capability has neatly (you might say purrfectly) placed Schrödinger as the ship’s AI for Max.



Anoushka Characters page image

Anoushka Miranov – Noushka.

‘Cool is her middle name’

Anoushka (or Noushka to her friends but they are few and far between) ‘bumps’ into Max. Is she friend or foe?

One thing’s for sure, she’s going to give Max a run for his creds…


jumpgate_awaiting_characterBorder image


‘Hey, who you calling Alien?’

Little green men, little purple men, Xeno’s, Outers, aliens or just A’s. They get called all sorts of names and these are just the printable ones! But aliens are people too! Well, they may be, no-one has carried out any extensive tests and I’m not suggesting they should.

Too often we group people together under the moniker; alien but there are many kinds of alien throughout the universe. We shouldn’t just typecast, generalise or alienate a whole segment of society.

However, in the interests of brevity the above image is of an alien.

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