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Silver Machines 1

Walking around where I live or work, especially as it is in a City provides me with a wealth of subject matter, right on my doorstep. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you work on, you are influenced by your environs. I walk around and I see Silver Machines – inspiration is everywhere…

Science Fiction takes today and projects it into tomorrow. There’s a building I pass each day, it’s the Bristol University School of Biological Sciences – Life Sciences building. Around the back of the building’s stone façade, which fronts onto St. Michael’s Hill is the silver clad building that, taken out of context could be in a film.

The building curves and towers and shines in many kinds of light. It seems to beg you to enter it, it seems to soar. Composed of repeatable segments, it is a regular form but at every turn, it appears to belie its repeatability. It forms a backdrop and becomes centre stage.

For me, although it helps me look to the future, it also makes me look back, to a specific piece of music. I stand before it, look up and want to take a ride

Space Rock has a very special place in our hearts and speaks to AT THE JUMPGATE. If it wasn’t for seeing Hawkwind all those years ago, AT THE JUMGATE may have never made it off the launch pad.

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Silver Machines 2

AT THE JUMPGATE? Status Update Please!

AT THE JUMPGATE? Status Update Please! I know, I know! It seems as though I have been delinquent and it was eons ago that I promised to ‘reboot’ this webcomic. However, in my defence, many things have happened.

We bought a narrowboat. We drove it from Northampton; up the Grand Union Canal, down the Oxford, around the Thames, onto the Kennett & Avon and inched it along to overwinter in Bath, Avon and it was no mean feat. Our overwintering brought challenges but these were overcome and mu (the artist of AT THE JUMPGATE) worked on watercolours for A Delicate Fantasy. We eventually sold MIRRLESS (our narrowboat) but the watercolours continued.

Watercolour became mu’s medium of choice and we decided that AT THE JUMPGATE should indeed be rebooted AND that it should be executed in watercolour.

We’re this close! Oh, sorry, you can’t see that can you? Well, suffice to say, the ‘this’, is very close.

Look, here’s some evidence. Amongst all that mess sorry work are the preparations for AT THE JUMPGATE

AT THE JUMPGATE - photo of studio image
It’s progress Jim, just not as we know it!

Well, I know this is probably not what you were expecting. I mean, where’s the webcomic? Right? Just a little longer. Slingshot around the moon and by the time you return, I promise there will be some output


Peace and webcomics

Time Will Pass You By (If You Let It)

Time is relative and I know, it’s seems a relatively long time since I reset these pages for AT THE JUMPGATE (see Hello Universe).

With the vast distances of space taking light years to traverse, you would think that travelling down the Kennet & Avon Canal would have been simple by comparison. A mere blink of an eye in astronomical terms. However, it wasn’t the vast distances or the relative speed of the craft we were travelling in that hindered our travel. It was just the day to day of life that got in the way.

A to B

Generally, we plan to travel from A to B with an aim in mind but the day and our interaction with it takes us via C and inserts a D and an E. Also the detour we are forced to make via F, for no apparent reason eats into our allotted time. Before we know it, B is nowhere in sight and we’ve forgotten what B was and are left thinking – “I really should have made a detailed map!”.  At the time B was only one step away from A and a map seemed superfluous. It’s only now, adrift on the eddies of time that we could really benefit from one.

Our travels on MIRRLESS had us using a map on a regular basis for what seemed at the outset; a short journey from A to B on a canal – canals are straight, right? However, there’s complexity hidden in that A to B and a map and the flexibility to adapt your plan accordingly are what were getting us from A to B.


The reason I mention all this is because that’s the stage we are at with AT THE JUMPGATE. We are building a detailed map and developing a plan and we are ensuring that we can adapt along the way. There is a lot going on behind the scenes so that once we are in the inky blue of space, trying to get from A to B, we’ll make it. And as we take you along with us, we won’t lose you at C,D or E…

I am aware that, as Tobi Legend says time is passing us by but I’m sure it’s gonna be worth the wait.

Time is relative.

Is that the time? I must be going…



Peace and comics

Hello universe!

Hello universe and welcome to the reboot of the AT THE JUMPGATE webcomic.

We’ve had problems with the computer, well it was the Technician actually, he wasn’t doing his job properly. He’s been spaced. It won’t happen again. We are just re-checking a few bits and pieces and then the webcomic should be up and running soon.

Now, where did I leave that hypertone, phase-shifted screwdriver?



peace and webcomics