Webcomic P0009 – A Line from A to B

murpworks ATJ p0009 web image

A Line from A to B

Plotting a course is a fairly simple task using the NAVICOMPUTER, especially with Schrodinger (the Artificial Intelligence) overseeing Max’s initial work. With an expedited exit from Space Station Brompton 1, Max has to think on his feet paws and plot a path to transport his load of biscuits to the Bissell Sector. There’s a planet here eagerly awaiting his delivery.

The Bissell Sector is located in the Intero System which is quite some distance from Coro system; the centre of the Confederacy. Max is heading to Min-Alpha-1, an average sized planet that supports an extensive mining colony. It’s affectionately known as ‘The Red Planet’ because – it’s red.

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