Less Than a Week to Go

There is less than a week to go to the launch of MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE – the episodic, sci fi, webcomic set in the far future with Max as the main protagonist.

Preparation is underway with hearts in mouths as the webcomic plugin stopped working (the webcomic plugin is pretty essential to a webcomic as you can imagine). Turns out I’d upgraded to the latest version but I needed a few more PHP skills than I possessed. A downgrade got it back working as it should and all’s well with the world.

I’m using Manga+Press plugin for WordPress from Jess Green with my theme of choice; Avant.

mu‘s slipped in the creation of a Christmas Card, that’s currently at the printers and so the webcomic schedule is being squeezed but we’re confident we’ll hit the Saturday 7 December deadline. It’s all up hill from there on…

We’ve been brainstorming some ideas for future development and we’re starting to get excited but more about them later. Keep focused. As I remind myself there’s LESS THAN A WEEK TO GO!

murpworks jumpgateLaunchPoster web image
Less than a week to go!

Peace and webcomics


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