Destination Star Trek – Part 4


Destination Star Trek – Part 4: assimilation. The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a visitation from The Borg and assimilation.

The Borg are my favourite alien race, out of any Sci Fi films or series. Technologically integrated, the relentless, soulless machine, devouring all in their way. The coolest look of any alien. There’s something about the machine taking over. It plays to our human nature.

So, imagine my delight when I came across this guy

murpworks 'Resistance is Futile' image
Resistance is Futile
murpworks 'Me telling him it was futile' image
Me telling him it was futile
murpworks 'He was having none of it' image
He was having none of it
murpworks 'Assimilated!' image

What a great guy!

See, I avoided any mention of Bjorn, Damn!

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