Destination Star Trek – Part 2

Plans and Timelines

Destination Star Trek – Part 2: plans and timelines – the NEC‘s ‘rooms’ are large spaces and as such, it wasn’t too crowded. We had passed through security, presumably they were looking for weapons and contraband – it wasn’t lieutenant Worf tho’. To our left was a small stage with someone presenting a talk about something Star Trek but ahead were booths from current computer games. They set the scene…

Destination Star Trek Part 2 - plans
Destination Star Trek Part 2 - timelines

Colourful displays – we had to plan our way around and create a timeline of our own. We didn’t want to miss anything. From the very beginning and throughout the day, cheers and clapping regularly emitted from behind large, black curtains, whose entrances were guarded. It transpired that this was where the Lieutenant, Commander, Captain, Admiral VIP class attendees (see That’s the Ticket) were enjoying the fruits of their more expensive tickets. Various talks and exposes about Starfleet life were unfolding. We weren’t bitter…

We made our way over to the space shuttle

Destination Star Trek Part 2 - shuttle
A photo opportunity

We had abandoned our plans and timelines approach and just rushed about, randomly looking at all that was on display. The thing that struck me was the amazing amount of starships there are associated with Star Trek, whether in each of the series or in the expanded universes of the games representing it. I love the ships…

Destination Star Trek Part 2 - starships
‘Gotta collect ’em all’

The Star Trek universe is a great one!

Destination Star Trek – Part 1
Destination Star Trek – Part 2

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