Synthesising the Universe of MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE

Synthesising a Universe

Synthesising the Universe of MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE started out with a few ideas about a dog and a cat and space. It evolved from earlier stuff which forms the backstory. However, it became apparent pretty early on that we needed to flesh it out a bit more. I was designated the writer because mu was responsible for the images. It was a fair enough division of labour and so I had to think about how Max (the protagonist) went from A to B via a series of sub-points to make a plausible story. I say plausible. It’s plausible to me, I just hope it is to you as a reader, as well.

Space, the fina…

“We can’t do that!”

“Oh, OK”

Space is dark, it Is…

“We can’t do that either”


Well, space is this large, never-ending, infinite void. It’s cold and dark and if this story is ever going to fly, it’s going to need populating with something.

Systems, Sectors and Planets

Synthesizing the Universe - early mappings image

I started with Systems; there are five. Although it is the far future, it seems they have been a bit slow in mapping out space. We’ll forgive them though, it is so endless…

“We’ve already been through this!”

“Oh yes, sorry”

An example of a System is Coro; the main centre of the known multiverse from which expansion of peoples into space occurred.

Within the five Systems there are Sectors. Sectors define an area of space within a System. An Example is the Bissell Sector. This sector is of particular interest as it forms the main stage for the early part of the story.

Within Sectors are Planets. These, as expected are numerous for the interests of brevity and readability we focus upon a few key ones in the story. An example of a planet is Min-Alpha-1. This is where Max; our main protagonist is headed as the story starts.

Really Synthesizing the Universe

sySynthesising the Universe image

At its basic level, the Systems, Sectors and Planets approach allowed us to quickly synthesise a universe in which to play in but we don’t want it to stop there. We actually want to use synthesizers to create a musical atmosphere. It’s very early days yet but we have a simple studio. The basics are there; Computer running a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Monitor speakers, a monophonic and a polyphonic synth, both analogue and a digital audio interface and a drum machine on the way. I’ll publish more detail on this in the near future but it is giving us the ability to really deliver on synthesising the universe of MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE.

The universe of MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE is our lobster oyster and we’re hoping it will deliver a pearl of a webcomic.

Peace and webcomics


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