A Trilogy of Space Rock

A Trilogy of Space Rock courtesy of Hawkwind

A Trilogy of Space Rock image

What better inspiration for writing a comic about a webcomic set in space than listening to Hawkwind. I’ve discussed Silver Machine before but it is the above three albums

  • Space Ritual
  • Doremi Fasol Latido
  • In Search of Space

that epitomise our push into space as a species, from a sonic perspective. Whether CD, original vinyl or streaming across the aether…

I saw Hawkwind live, a long time ago, up North in the early ’70’s and I’ve never forgotten it. It left a lasting impression. They are the sound of space, with that EMS VCS3 whipping up a storm of noise.

If MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE had to settle for one sonic pedigree, I think it would have to be Hawkwind and it would be this trilogy of Space Rock that would define it. I hope they don’t mind…

I’m just off to plug into my accumulator – look it up.

Peace and webcomics


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