Space Age Interiors – an inspiration Pt 1

Space Age Interiors – an inspiration Pt 1

What does the interior of a spaceship look like? Does a futuristic factory look like this? How can I envision the world I want to create for MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE?

I can’t time travel, I don’t have the ‘jigawatts’ (I don’t have a DeLorean either, it’s a Space Wagon). So, I have to look around and take inspiration. I looked around here; at The Sainsbury Centre and this is what I saw

Space Age Interiors ceiling image
Space Age Interiors - mezzanine image
Space Age Interiors - windows image

This building was designed by Architect Norman Foster in 1974-76 to house the Sainsbury collection of art and a whole lot more. It’s quite old but maintains a futuristic spirit due to its materials and interior attention to detail.

I realised afterwards I had seen something similar before. It was re-watching Star Trek TNG: Best of Both Worlds Pt 1. What brought it into sharp focus – the Borg ship.

Leaving the photographs dark evokes the mystery I felt and further conjures up images from the Borg vessel in Star Trek.

The next time I visit these space age interiors, I’ll be looking over my shoulder. Looking for grim humanoids in black with bits of cabling and implants plastered all over their bodies.

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