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Webcomic P0010 – A Course is Set

murpworks ATJ p0010 web image

A Course is Set

The Confederation oversees the ‘known’ universe from Coro at its centre, right out to the edge of Extero system. Beyond here, out into the Perdio system, you are on your own. Known simply as ‘The Black’ by most, Perdio is populated with renegades, freebooters and other unsavoury, lawless characters. From time to time, they make their way into Confederation space and wreak havoc but always return to The Black. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, a punishment worse than death would be being cast into The Black.

Max is headed out only as far as the Intero system, he has the buffer of Extero before coming anywhere near ‘The Black’. However, as with many a best laid plan; fate, the Gods or just plain luck might have a say in what lies ahead for him.

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