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Holding Pattern Theta

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Holding Pattern Theta

We’re currently in holding pattern Theta. This is quite normal as we have entered a space bubble.

“A space bubble? What’s that?”

Ah, I’m glad you asked. Space bubbles exist randomly in space (hence the name) and are an encapsulation of the space-time continuum. In such a bubble, space-time doesn’t ‘happen’ in the same way it does outside of one. You would think that just powering through would enable a speedy exit but not so. Speeding, slows and massively impedes progress whereas slowing and waiting has the opposite effect. This was found by trail and error and so, Holding Pattern Theta was developed to navigate space bubbles.

Space Bubble Detection – negative

So far, no method of of detection of space bubbles has been found. People on much higher pay grades than mine still ponder the theoretical physics but as yet have come up with nothing of note.

It is what it is. Annoying? yes. Insurmountable? No.

Please stay tuned while we flap the inertial dampers, as much for something to do as a requirement.

Normal service will be resumed imminently.

Peace and webcomics