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Webcomic P0012 – She Was Max’s Ship

She Was Max’s Ship

murpworks ATJ p0012 web image

Max ‘acquired’ his ship on planet Sammarka in Centrale System. Not exactly a planet bristling with spaceship showrooms. Oh, I’m not saying there is anything dodgy or underhand about obtaining a shuttle from here but people would come here for a more ‘private’ transaction, if you know what I mean.

As we know, XTC-3323-1 is a Delta Class Aphelion spaceship but as can be seen above, Max loaded her with  ‘equipment’ so she’s become something special. The ‘Tech’ he installed made her something special. Max likes nothing more than being prepared – for any event.

Sammarka is a beautiful planet in its own way. A desert planet, several indigenous species of animal, adapted to life in harsher environs nearer the equator. The poles have more in the way of vegetation and a greater diversity of fauna. The Dreffa spaceport, where Max ‘picked up’ the Ecstasy was based just north of the equator. Although it all started here for Max, he has never been back.

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