Destination Star Trek – Part 5


Destination Star Trek – Part 5. It wouldn’t have been Star Trek with Jean-Luc Picard. The Next Generation Captain, his command of NCC-1701-D – Starship Enterprise is legendary. He was actually at this year’s event but being only holders of Janitor-class tickets (see Part 1 blog) we didn’t get to see him in person 🙁

However, with the up and coming Picard scheduled for a release next year, there was plenty of Jean-Luc to keep everyone happy. One of the exhibitions had a wealth of props from Picard’s time aboard the Enterprise. I managed to get some photo’s here. A second exhibition had original artwork from the Mirror Universe comics but unfortunately, you weren’t allowed to photograph any of it.

Jean-Luc Picard is integral to any discussion of Star Trek but for this discussion I’ll let a couple of photo’s do the talking…

mu Look up - Picard image
Picard and the United Federation…
My Captain…

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