Pumpkins in Space

Pumpkins in Space – In Space the Pumpkin will Make me Scream

I love pumpkins/I hate pumpkins.

I love the colour of a pumpkin, its shape and size amaze. Seen out in a field, a large orange pumpkin with its green cap, growing on the ground to such enormous sizes is just awe-inspiring. It’s the herald of Autumn and of course Halloween – All Hallow’s Eve where the the veil between this world and another is said to be at its thinnest.

I hate the taste of pumpkin. Why would you want to eat it? Furthermore, why would you put it in coffee? Pumpkin Pie doesn’t do it for me either. Okay, at least it can be considered savoury but, no thank you. It’s like a horror version of an orange…

In the far future, I can see the pumpkin making it into the far outer reaches of space. It’s too iconic not to. If it doesn’t get on the official horticulture flight list, I’m sure someone will sneak some seeds aboard and propagate them in the Hydroponics Lab. So, yes. pumpkins could well feature in murpworks‘ MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE – and as if by magic, here one is!

Pumpkins in Space image

Pumpkins in Space

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