I Love This Font!

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I Love This Font!

When coming up with a header to represent MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE there were many things that sprang to mind to use; planets, rockets, aliens and many more objects that fitted the bill. However, it was a font that came to represent the webcomic. It is the story we are telling about Max in the future, in space with a ’70’s vibe and this font conjures up the late ’60’s – early ’70’s perfectly. We’re visiting the past to see the future…

Originally, in its first incarnation, MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE used another font; nasalisation. It echoed NASA, space exploration and looked futuristic but this is a reboot and Data 70 leapt from the font foundry to take pride of place.

Data 70 is a font designed by British designer Bob Newman being a trademark of International Typeface Corporation (ITC) as stated by fonts.com. However, it owes a great debt to designer Leo Maggs who created the font Westminster. Westminster was the first of the ‘futuristic typefaces, based upon computer technology. You can read the fascinating history here.

I love the overview given about the font at fonts.com – it says everything about what we want to say about MEET ME AT THE JUMPGATE.

We’re visiting the past to see the future…

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